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June 20, 2013 - Dr. Vikram and staff from Connecticut Family Dental paid a visit to residents of the local Salvation Army Shelter. Located in Waterbury, Connecticut, the Salvation Army Shelter houses displaced families comprised of parents and children until they can be settled into a more permanent residence.

The purpose of Connecticut Family Dental's visit was to educate parents, especially those with children six years and younger, about the importance and necessity of good oral habits from a young age. When life's unforeseen circumstances overwhelm our established daily routines, oral hygiene can easily get ignored. With that in mind, Connecticut Family Dental's doctors and staff discussed with residents of the shelter that while it is easy to overlook oral care (even for short durations), its impact could be lasting and over time become permanent - especially for infants and toddlers.

The staff emphasized the fact that while brushing and flossing on a daily basis are important for taking care of your teeth and gums, preventive dental care goes beyond these basics. A dentist can find cavities when they are still small and repair them before a tooth has been weakened and destroyed. Should tartar develop below the gum line, only a cleaning by a dental professional using specialized tools can remove this substance that if not removed will lead to irritations and infections.

Connecticut Family Dental concluded their presentation by making residents aware of the ease and accessibility of dental care in the Waterbury neighborhood- ranging from practices like Connecticut Family Dental that offer free pick-up/drop-off shuttle service for patients to several Community Health and Dental Centers in close proximity.

Connecticut Family Dental Goes on a KIDVENTURE!

Connecticut Family Dental Community ServicesSeptember 27, 2012 - Connecticut Family Dental was a proud sponsor of the

Kidventure Scavenger Hunt in Waterbury - a division of the national FIREBALL RUN event.

Since 2007, FIREBALL RUN has evolved into a popular live event and award-winning film series. Annually distributing over 75,000 posters, FIREBALL RUN's Race to Recover America's Missing Children is the largest and longest active recovery effort for missing children, and has aided in the unprecedented return of 38 missing children. In addition to the effort for missing children, FIREBALL RUN and participating teams have donated thousands of dollars in toys, books, sports equipment, time, money, and computers to local charities along their annual journey.

Kidventure is a scavenger hunt designed to get kids involved in their community while learning about the heritage of Waterbury. Teams of two to six kids (accompanied by one adult) start at the Kidventure tent on the Waterbury green. Teams are then directed around the green to participate in challenges, answer questions, solve problems and learn.

This year, Connecticut Family Dental's giant tooth mascot distributed puzzle postcards to kids with 13 questions and answers relating to oral care. Kids who volunteered to show the staff the right way to brush utilizing a set of giant dentures at their booth (with a giant toothbrush, of course) were given the opportunity to pick toys from their toy chest.

Overall, Kidventure was a huge success and the staff at Connecticut Family Dental was proud to be a part of it. Their office is always excited to provide fun activities that educate youth in the Waterbury community, and hopes to continue to sponsor this great event in the future.

Connecticut Family Dental Tours Local PTAs and Schools

Connecticut Family Dental Community Services

Fall 2011 - Connecticut Family Dental kicked off the 2011 school year by taking part in several local Parent/Teacher Liaison meetings. Doctors and staff from Connecticut Family Dental put a tremendous effort into these PTA meetings, not only to make them a successful event for the participating schools/organizations, but also to further our goal of instilling good oral habits in young people through games, quizzes and fun activities.

Dental assistants and hygienists invited kids to show us how they brushed their teeth using oversized teeth dentures and giant toothbrushes. Those who participated could pick toys from our toy chest, and their names were entered into raffles where the winners took home spin brushes. In addition, parents and their children were invited to fill out simple age-appropriate puzzles/crosswords with questions and answers related to gums, teeth, brushing, etc. As take-home activities, kids were given "Daily Brushing Calendars" - a simple log that helps to encourage brushing twice daily. Through fun games, puzzles, demonstrations and take-home tokens, our doctors and staff made each of these events unique, exciting and educational, while fulfilling our goal to encourage healthy oral habits and behaviors from a young age.


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