Smile Makeovers

Never Hide Your Smile Again

We want you to look your best and feel good about your appearance. Our combination of dental health care and restorative techniques will give you your best smile. Please ask us how bonding, crowns, veneers, and whitening can enhance your smile. With modern advancements, smile makeovers are both less time consuming and more affordable than you may realize! Today's dental technologies give you all the more reason to improve your smile.

Saving Damaged Teeth

Crowns may be necessary as a restorative technique for a tooth that is broken or worn down or has excessive decay. A normal filling will not return it to full functionality. Instead, placing a crown over the tooth structure will eliminate the issue and add strength. Our crowns are made from the highest quality materials and they look so natural, they will blend with the rest of your own teeth.

Brilliantly White Teeth in a Matter of Hours!

Maybe you've seen the amazing results of ZOOM! Advanced Power™ Whitening in popular magazines such as InStyle and Rolling Stone. Teeth that were stained or yellowed return to brilliant whiteness! In just one visit, you too can see the startling difference that turns your smile from unremarkable to dazzling!

We also make custom whitening trays in our lab. With the instructions and supplies we give you, you complete the process at home. This safe and effective technique will give the desired results within 1 - 14 days! What a difference it makes in how you feel about your smile!


Are You Looking for Alternative Filling Materials?

The silver-mercury amalgam was used in dental practices for years, and some practices still use it. Although they restore a tooth to full functionality, they have shortcomings. Many people do not like the appearance of the dark metal that contrasts with tooth color. It can be very visible and not aesthetically pleasing. Metallic fillings do not bond tightly to teeth, risking the chance of decay setting in. We use only the latest composite resin fillings that adhere very closely to tooth structure to reduce the chance of decay. They can match the natural tooth color, so they are very unnoticeable. There are no metals in this type of filling, and they actually add strength to the tooth.

White Dental Fillings


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