Intra-Oral Camera

Intra Oral Dental Camera Waterbury CTThrough modern dental technology, our doctors work closely with patients for all dental decisions. The intra-oral camera is an amazing miniature video camera that provides a close-up and clear image of the inside of your mouth. It gives you the assurance that you and your dentist are making the right decisions for your best dental health.

Sports Mouthguards

Athletic Mouthguard Dentist Waterbury CTIt is a statistic that most athletes may not be aware of, but 5 million teeth in the United States alone are lost to injury or trauma during sports. This type of oral trauma can be reduced or eliminated in most cases by wearing proper mouth protection. There are one-size-fits-all mouthguards you can buy in stores, but they neither fit well nor work well. If they don't fit well, they will not offer the necessary protection, and if they don't work well, they will hinder your best athletic performance. The American Dental Association recommends wearing custom-made mouthguards that our practice can provide for you for the following sports:

Acrobatics, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shotputting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling.

Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental Xrays Waterbury CTIf you are not familiar with digital X-rays, you will be pleased to know they provide 75% less radiation exposure than non-digital X-rays. They are also much quicker and easier, and the image is available immediately. There is no waiting time for images to develop and no environmentally polluting chemicals used in the process. A digital sensor is placed in your mouth and the image downloaded and available on our computer screen. It gives a clear image of your lower and upper jaws for immediate viewing.

High Standard of Sterilization

Oral Health Care Waterbury CTWe care about your overall health, and you can be assured that sterilization of our dental instruments is taken very seriously at our practice. Some tools are single use and discarded after a treatment. The ones that need to be sterilized are placed in an autoclave for the highest level of cleanliness. This unit is monitored by an outside lab to maintain the set standards of medical procedures.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (203) 574-2725.

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